Rtx 4000

Hi everybody!

I ve a amd Ryzen 9 3950X 16 core.Processor 3.50GHZ.
Ram Memory 64Giga
My graphic card is a RTX 4000(with drivers 451.48;is it the last driver?).
What can i do, to optimize my performance in D5Render(render animation fastly for example)?
Im not good in technical ,can you help to optimize my config,please?
Install last driver,or change profil(like in my attachement)

about my graphic card?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards

Hi neoseb.

Thanks for posting here. To suggest, I think there’s no need to modify the config since normally the default one is most suitable. And from your post, the hardware device is pretty good.
The driver is not the latest( the latest one is not stable enough so I won’t suggest you update).
Did the computer crash or get stuck frequently when using D5? If yes, feel free to tell me to troubleshoot.
And if you just want to optimize the performance, please wait for the coming version 1.9. We have upgraded the rendering algorithm and the efficiency will boost a lot.

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Thanks for your feedBack!
No crash for the moment.

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