RTX 3060 notebook Heats up a lot

Hi guys I am new to D5, I recently purchased RTX 3060 with 8 core laptop, It works like a charm with 3dsmax and Lumion, But whenever I open D5 it heats the laptop, Lumion a graphics based engine doesn’t even make a noticeable sound when I operate in it, What’s the problem with D5? Please help me the fan makes a lot of sound.

Hello binihanwon

Unfortunately, notebooks need a lot of cooling for the D5 to function with any video card. I DO NOT use Notebooks for that reason.

I have two Workstations with RTX 3090 and RTX 4090 video cards and when I work with d5 they are required to the maximum due to all the resources that are needed to show geometry, lights and textures in real time, and the ventilation runs at maximum so that the video card does not exceed the safe temperature.

There are several brands of Notebooks and those that come prepared for Gamers are the ones that cool the best, but if you have seen the size of an RTX 3090 or 4090 board you will see that the fans they come with are for a reason, and in a Notebook there is no size for them .

If you are going to work on very demanding scenes you can do so by lowering the scene display quality to D5 as a possible workaround.

I worked a lot with Lumion for 7 years from version 7 to 12 and I don’t regret using D5 since version 1.4.

It’s just my opinion, I hope it helps.


Have you tried an external cooling fan? Maybe it can help you.