Rotating object 0° to 90° to 179°


I want to do an animation.

A flat plane should rotate an y-axsis from 0° to 180 (179°).

I setup keyframes. KF1: 0°/0°0/° to KF2: 0°/180°/0°

But in the moment the plane (rotation) passes (or is more than) 90° the plane starts to orbit over all axis to a rotation 180°/0°/180.

I try to override the endrotation but it changes by no reason back.

I need an advise. Please


Hi @buddies !
We reproduced this issue and this issue has been reported to the dev team. They will look into this issue. If there are any updates, I will keep you updated here. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi @buddies ! We have fixed this issue. The feature is estimated to get updated in the next version.