Roadmap is here!

A roadmap for D5 Render has been posted, showing off what to expect in the future.

Let’s Improve D5 Render Together!

If you have any feedback or new idea for the roadmap, just leave your comments below!


Great to see the progress you’re making!
I have some ideas too!

1.- Video export as frames (and pause rendering) (jpg or png) (please)
2.- Per frame basic animation capabilities (move, rotate, scale)
3.- Sun study and global-real orientation of the models (geolocalization). (Lum has this feature and is one of the ones we use most)
4.- Per-face (or triangle) scattering of imported assets.
5.- Basic (but accurate) material templates. (Metal, glass, wood, concrete, plastic, water, SSS).
6.- Sync with material painting tools (Mixer, Substance painter, etc…)
7.- A way to centralize our assets and models.
8.- Pack 'n go export of projects.
9.- MDL and USD support for Nvidia Omniverse (both open source)
10.- Proxy object base rendering. (Yo see a cube in the viewer, but at the time of rendering you see the real model (trees, cars, humans, etc…))
11.- Not raytraced viewer inside D5. You know, i work with pretty big scenes, and the viewer gets laggy. It would be great to have a viewer that’s not constantly rendering, like a “shaded” or “textured” mode.
12.- Object hierarchy and grouping. It would be sooooooo nice to have the ability of having the full component-group hierarchy of the models inside D5, and even edit their UV’s. (This is possible within the Studio version of Maxwell Render.)
13.- Aaaaaand pleaseee, i have a Oculus Rift, and i truly hate when i open D5 and it calls the Oculus home app. This thing adds a lot of lag to D5, and when it’s disconnected it calls the Steam VR app. This is annoying hahaha

Those are the ones i’m remembering ritght now, but for now i think it’s a lot.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!!


1- Fur
2- backplate image
3- better asset model manage, categories.



Fix and improve HDRI / interior D5 engine is strong ; exterior still much work to do


Hi there!!
You guys are doing great job with D5.
I know it’s still in feature development, but I think some basic improvements could be done in there.
For instance, sometimes the software crashes for different reasons for every person. When it happens, you have to rely on your on to keep saving the file and not lose all the modifications you’ve done. Could be nice if the software had a backup save file that it refreshes saving the project from time to time!!
(Taking SketchUp as an example)

Cheers from Brazil!


Hi ! Thank you for asking us our opinion :heart_eyes:

  • Texture creation system with nodes to make complex textures in procedural
    (with real displacement map)

  • Movement of the camera as smooth as Lumion (rotation possible while moving the camera). No break between different shots

  • Wind management on vegetation and curtains

  • Add SSS (materials)

  • Add ‘‘Render Passes’’ for compositing (Alpha, Reflection, Lighting, Global Illumination, Object ID, Refraction, SSS, Shadow, etc)

  • Add 3D in real landscape insertion (from personal picture)

  • Allow in videos to display titles, arrows with comments (like Twinmotion), a logo …

  • Allow to create fountains, waterfalls, several models of animated water textures (with the possibility of managing the caustics, the force of the wind on the water and the direction)

  • Time animation to be able to pass between day and night on video

  • Possibility of developing UV of objects in a more advanced way

  • Ability to create functional .exe files on MAC and WINDOWS to allow customers to walk in real time in our scenes (as with UE4 and TWINMOTION)

  • Allow the use of Proxy to optimize the real-time display of complex scenes (replace imported 3D assets with very simplified shapes)

  • Possibility to recover the video rendering in case of accidental cut. And possibility of putting the renderings on pause

  • Possibility of rendering several video sequences, either simultaneously or with a chronological order system (queue)

  • Added rain and snow with impact on objects

  • Addition of many animated animals

  • Increased realism of animated characters


I love creating interior rendering with D5 but I think the exterior rendering part still has much work to do.
Add more realistic vegetable please. Fix and improve HDRI.

I am wondering if Photo Matching will be available in the future. So with this feature, we can place our 3D model in the context provided by a real-life photograph with a few clicks of a button :slightly_smiling_face:

Add more objects and materials library please.

Add more fine detail nature (beautiful 3D tree and plant models).

Add real skies at night.

Thank you, and keep up the good work guys!


Things I thought will be nice to have while using D5:
-improving the water material
-a wider range of light and self-illumination material to control the
light intensity

  • improving the exterior rendering
  • the ability to chose multiple pics to render or export
  • more HDRI pics options
  • the ability to make more than 1 video at the same time (different
    video parts)
  • improving the scattering for the grass and improve the grass
    material itself
  • once again a wider range of intensity control for the lights
  • fur, silk, and other fabric materials

Please support for 4k display because the text of menus are very little and after a working day I got the eyes burned…
In the screenshot you can see the big readibilty difference between D5, Sketchup, Google Chrome.
I Like very much working on D5 but it’s extremely tiring.
Many thanks for this awesome software!

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Hi robertocodo

Until they fix this, you can try this, it works for me.

How to Fix Program Scaling on 4K Monitors


Thanks JoeLuis
this is very useful. It’s not a ultimate solution because text and image is little blurred, but is a good improvement meantime waiting support for hidpi displays.

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14.- View centered model button or hotkey
15.- Availability to delete or hide the opened model (the model you select when making a new scene)

16- Ability to change material names.

add ability to select separate models from imported skp or fbx so we can move,scale, rotate or even delete what we need or don’t.


This so exciting to be part of the development of new software as a user. I noticed that round edge is on the to do list. Hope this can be moving over to the doing list soon!!

We are slowly moving over to do more projects on D5.

Thank you team for your hard work.

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What i need is to feed custom camera tracking data from adobe after effects so that the camera paths could be fed from a real life drone footage then to render the model with same camera path then to integrate both drone footage and rendered video from D5 to create a drone-virtual fusion!.
This is already possible in 3ds max and would be nice to have in D5 as well!


For professional usage exist some point much important that need to be available!

1 - Animation render output with more sampling in GI ( ideal the user can choose if want more quality and spend more time render or less samples and be fast to render) because right now the quality of the GI shadows comparing with still render is huge!

2- Render animations passes ( ID, shadow, lighting, reflections, etc…)

3- Scattering objects ( grass, plants, etc) not only for the included assets but very important this tool can be available also for assets that we import!

4- Can import animated assets in fbx ( trees, people, etc)

5- Better displacement map

6- HDRi light more precise for the exteriors giving the sharp shadows from the HDRI

This is the most important features that I notice using it and that lock, for now, the usage to produce professional projects! I hope all the D5 Render can get us this available.



Fixing HDRI is prior for the moment. Exterior rendering realy needs to improve.