RoadMap converter max 2022

do you know when the conversion plugin version for max 2022 will be released?
I currently have a big budget and I need to do the animation in d5, if I don’t find the converter I will have to go for another option


Sorry, we will release the plugin next year, as it is still being rebuilt now. if you need to do the scene in D5, I have to suggest you use max2021, or do not use plugin, apply materials in max then open fbx in D5 directly…

ok, what kind of characteristics should the max. materials have?
-Materials: standard? / architectural? / rytrace? / pysicalMat / pbrMat? / blend? / composite?
-Maps: diffuse? / bump? / specular? / specular? / glossiness? / reflection? / refraction? / displacement? / opacity?


Hello, standard or Vray materials are supported.

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Hi, our new plugin for 3ds max has started beta testing, welcome to join our Discord server and give it a try:
Beta testing | D5 Converter for 3ds Max 2022/2023 (Corona materials supported) - Workflow / 3Ds MAX - D5 RENDER FORUM