Beta testing | D5 Converter for 3ds Max 2022/2023 (Corona materials supported)

Hi there, so glad to announce that our new plugin for 3ds Max has started beta testing. Compared with previous versions, it supports 3ds Max 2022 and 2023, as well as Corona materials.

Click this link to join our Discord server, where you can download the new plugin. Also, we wish you can share your suggestions with us and report bugs you met.
D5 Render

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Hi, is the link to Discord working? it just takes me to an empty discord page.

Discord not worki , can you put download link here??

Hi, I changed the link, please try again to join the Discord server->3ds Max channel. Also, you can download the file here directly:
D5_Converter_3DsMax_cn_3.0.0.0382.exe.7z - Google Drive

Hi. I downloaded beta convert . But I have problem with 3dsmax 2022 . when I use the Quick Prooptimize function. It didn’t work. Can you fix this error?

Hello, that feature is a beta function, and its effect is not obvious. We may modify this feature and roll it out in a future version.

the antivirus blocks the installer, even having the antivirus deactivated it blocks it, I have to uninstall the antivirus.

Once the toolbar is installed, I can’t move it and if I hide it, it appears again in a separate strip without being able to stack it with other toolbars. it is very uncomfortable and takes up a lot of space on small screens.

Hello, the version you downloaded is an old one, I updated the link and you can give it a try:

D5_Converter_3DsMax_cn_3.0.0.0382.exe.7z - Google Drive

What’s more, please tell me what antivirus software you use, and we may do a test with it.

Also, regarding the “hide” and “move” issue, we did not reproduce that, can you please record a video or cut a screenshot? Please let me know your 3ds max version as well.

Use this link its working:

inside the zip there is a video where I show it happening (4.0 MB)

NORTON antivirus keeps blocking the installer

Hi there! I have been testing the plugin. It does not convert the materials correctly back to D5. I tried with a few corona scenes and every time the materials turned out wrong in D5, they all get turned into transparent materials. The material maps seem to go through however.

Does anyone get the same? Is there a way to resolve this with settings or is it a matter of programming?

Hi, please try the new link I shared, which has the latest version of the plugin. Besides, the official release will come out this week, thanks~

Captura de pantalla 2022-07-05 231636
Captura de pantalla 2022-07-05 231808

I still can’t move the toolbar, now after uninstalling I get an empty space and the d5 menu after uninstalling, I’ve tried to delete the menu and the toolbar but it still appears, it’s a nightmare to be removing it every time I start max.