Revit to d5 sync problem

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this, I have a problem in syncing the revit model to d5. In my revit file there are only 5 townhouses and the site just a small townhouse, but then when I try to press the start D5 yes it will load but only a few building were loaded, and the most confusing part is, for example in the first reload bldg A,C and D will appear, after it’s done the building C or D will disappear and the bldg B and E will appear. And when I reload it again, alternate buildings will appear and some will disappear. Even I try to to load it many times it always happens to appear and disappear. I have options which is to export the Revit to .d5a but I don’t want to do that for it makes the .d5a file large and less efficient.

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Sorry for that, what’s your version of the converter? if convenient, can you send the Revit model, scenes, and log files to us for troubleshooting? We find it difficult to reproduce the problem on our side. thanks a lot.

How to collect log files:
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Dose it mean the problem only happens to the converter instead of importing? Have you tried importing?we need this info to find whether it is caused by the converter. Thank you.

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Yes, the problem only happens in converter, nothing is wrong in importing the model, it works perfectly. But I don’t want to import my model, because it takes time in importing model from revit.

And also this problem happen not only once, but in every townhouses I sync.

Hi mate, can we schedule a time for remote assistance?

I am experiencing the same problem Syncing Revit and D5 render.
I think there will be link between the 2 files as far as I understood and my problem here is I worked on a Revit file and started the D5file inside Revit file. Now after making some changes in the Revit file and syncing up the D5file, d5 file is opening but the model in the Revit file is not showing up.
Can anyone help me with this issue or how to import the Revit model again in the D5 file as I have done a lot of work on the D5 file with all the characters,vehicles,trees etc.

Please give me some solution for this issue. Thanks in advance.