Rendering problem: holes with blurred edges

I encountered an annoying rendering problem. If you look at the holes, some of them have a completely blurred and undefined edge. The problem occurs at all resolutions, I have noticed that it happens in areas of the image where there is little contrast between the hole and the background.

try re-importing or…delete the last 2-rows and replace a new one. then- render/preview again in d5… i have experience something similar…until i did the above…

I did further tests, the problem is independent of the geometry, even if I re-import the model or change its shape the problem persists.
Further investigation has shown that the problem only manifests itself with metallic materials, and from the video I enclose you can see that the ‘blurred’ holes are those through which you can see the rear parallel wall of the container, all the holes through which you can see other parts of the container (such as the corners, so not parallel) or the background, are normal.


sorry for the issue. Just for confirmation, did you use the ‘Depth of Field’ function?

Hi Ryann-Z, no, depth of field is turned off.

Is there any D5 Render developer willing to analyse the problem?