Render farm

Hello D5 render team, would you recommend any GPU render farm sites that work well with your software? Thank you very much.

Hi I found it on the web D5 Cloud Rendering Service | iRender- Cloud Rendering for D5
see if it’s okay for what you need to do with D5 :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Then there is also this

Hello, for now we do not have official partnerships with render farms, so maybe you could try the one riccardofortelli posted, I heard other users use that service as well.

Thank you for your quick reply, D5 cloud seems to support d5 render unlike rebusfarm…am I wrong? thanks

Hello, yes, but D5 cloud is not available yet, it is on our roadmap, not finished…

so…wait I don’t get it. I can’t use D5 cloud render for the moment? will it be possible by the end of april?

Hello, no, it will not be rolled out with D5 2.2.
For now, you can try some 3rd party cloud rendering services, as suggested by riccardofortelli.

After contacting different render farms, rebus farm does not support d5 render, but d5 cloud does; they give access to a “private” machine on which you must install D5 render with your own password and username…!!! What do you think? Isn’t there a security hole here? Because if a project is made on D5render PRO it cannot be rendered on a machine where a free version is installed, right? you must therefore give your password and this poses a security problem for me. What do you think? Any experience of that workflow?

Hello, yes, if you need to render and use Pro assets on their computers, you need to log in to your own D5 account. Sorry I cannot give you suggestions on whether to use their service or not because that site “D5 cloud” is not our official partner, hope you can understand.

But if you are concerned with the security problem, you can change your password anytime on the account center: D5 Render
Besides, if you forget your password, you can use you verified email to find it back. Normally if your email is secure, then your D5 account is secure.

Ok that sound pretty good. Thank you for your reply.