Render failed

all day i try to render 15 sec duration 2K video. it finishes successful but after open Video file is says this. i am so tired, i rendered it maybe 20 times but… :frowning_face:

Hi georgemelkadze,
Sorry to hear that you ran into this problem again :pensive: The problem does not happen to other clips and other scene files? Also, please make sure the available drive space is enough.

We want to test and recreate this error if possible, therefore, please send the scene file and the video you rendered (which has the problem), and two folders containing logs, to my email

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.2
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse

We will look into it and keep you updated here.