Render a top View

hello, I am looking for the way to make ortho plans and shoebox plans.

I cut my 3D model but it is impossible to make top view rendering.

How do you make your plans?

Thank you

Hi julien,
First thing to do is to fly over the apartment in D5.
Then in top right corner you have camera button, after clicking you will see couple of options. Choose camera clipping and set value that is best for you. You can also adjust FOV.

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Let me know if I’m wrong but this is limited to 5 FOV right? Which means not completely orthogonal and some vertical elements could still be seen in some areas like this one.

Hello, rendering top view is not supported yet, I will record this request first, thank you! You can try f-light’s suggestion and adjust the model as a current workaround.

Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to find another way to make ortho plans.

Can be for the next update :=)

I love D5 !!

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