Remote Usage

Hi, I have a simple laptop at home and I use my high-end system remotely using apps like Teamviewer/anydesk etc…

But using d5 remotely is a nightmare! Everything works perfectly except that I am not able to select faces/materials… No matter wherever I click it only selects one face!! It’s the same with any model I open.

P.S.: It’s not a problem with the mouse or the TeamViewer software etc because with everything else I am able to use the mouse like normal without any issue at all. Only in d5, that too specifically to select or assign materials. it’s just not happening… wherever I click it selects only one face… also I cant place lights… wherever I click it places lights only in the same position in the corner. Please check into this issue and help!!!

P.P.S.: This problem is not there when I directly use it in my high-end system. Only there when remotely accessing it. I know it’s a weird problem, but please help resolve it!!!

Hi team, I am waiting for response, please revert back!

Hi Ahmasal

a small question: why do you have a laptop.
boy, you should have enough time for work to finish later at home. :sleepy: :rofl:

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I’m based in the UAE and my system is set up there! I am now in India for a short while and using my laptop with TeamViewer to access my desktop there. Thanks for understanding.

Hi ahmashal,
Thank you for posting, we did not reproduce the problem you met using Teamviewer/Anydesk, which are also our common tools for technique support.

To select the whole object, you need to make sure the model is unlocked. Also, the multilple materials are linked? Besides, you can use shortcut key 1,2,3,4 to place lights then see the result.
I do not know how Teamviewer works , but I think the high-end system needs a mouse and keyboard plugged in, to make sure it respond to your commands on the laptop.