Real Displacement

real displacement is not real displacement,
even with lots of polygons.
You can see that on the edges of a geometry.
At the moment, it is just a fake and useless.
I hope, this will be improved.
Thank you.


Hi, could you please post images for us to compare them?

Hi Oliver,
please check this link. There you can see good examples.


I support you !!! I would still think about nanite since I started today testing unreal engine 5

Currently, we still use Bump-maps, we will add tessellation in 2.0. I am not sure whether they will optimize displacement in 2.0. Maybe it needs more time to make real displacement…

@Oliver.J, so no displaced outlines with the next update? Very important i hope it comes fast but if i may choose i think decals are more important.

Sry, I consulted the product team, and there seem no updates on Displacement or Decals…we may need to wait more time for them.

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hi there,

is tesselated “real displacement” somewhere on the horizin for being supported?
this would be a huge benefit!!

best, franza

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hi there,

there have been some time now since the last reply… also i am honoring the roadmap from time to time, but unfortunately there is no displacement/tesselation yet :confused:

maybe anyone can tell if its on the horizon of the developmement cycle or not yet feasable for the technology or whatever is the status of it :slight_smile:


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this is very interesting

Hi, thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the “real displacement” will not be developed this year. We once come out some plans for it, but after considering more, we think this feature may need to wait for more time.

These examples look great. My slate, standing seam metal, and barrel tile roofs always look flat, which ruins my exterior renderings. It seems that displacement maps giving height data to surfaces would improve this greatly. Another example is stone walls at corners. It can look like a heavily textured surface until you see the materials’ straight 90 degree corner. The round corner adjustment doesn’t do much in this circumstance either.