Real Displacement

real displacement is not real displacement,
even with lots of polygons.
You can see that on the edges of a geometry.
At the moment, it is just a fake and useless.
I hope, this will be improved.
Thank you.


Hi, could you please post images for us to compare them?

Hi Oliver,
please check this link. There you can see good examples.

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I support you !!! I would still think about nanite since I started today testing unreal engine 5

Currently, we still use Bump-maps, we will add tessellation in 2.0. I am not sure whether they will optimize displacement in 2.0. Maybe it needs more time to make real displacement…

@Oliver.J, so no displaced outlines with the next update? Very important i hope it comes fast but if i may choose i think decals are more important.

Sry, I consulted the product team, and there seem no updates on Displacement or Decals…we may need to wait more time for them.

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