Random numbers being populated


When running/saving renderings or 360 panos, there are numbers being auto populated at the end of the file name. Is there a way to prevent this so I’m not having to rename files all the time to not include all these extra numbers?

Example: File name is 1-LivingRoom 1_20240401_143200. All the numbers after LivingRoom are being auto populated.

Thank you!

Sorry, currently D5 does not have any settings for this issue

We may optimise this later. At the moment you can only rename them after the image has been produced. Maybe you can try some third party tools that can batch rename.

Thank you for the quick response. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. It also creates new numbers every time you rerun the images so it’s not overriding the old ones which is a bit frustrating.

Thank you again.

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