Question about dwg to sketchup workflow

I am currently working on a project and my client is modelling in autocad. He is sending me dwg 3d models which I import into sketchup and then use livelink to D5 render. The client is making constant changes to his model and I want to retain the existing materials and textures. How do import his new model into sketchup without having to start over? If I purge his old models from sketchup once the new model is imported will D5 render remember the material assignments?

Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I think if you keep working in the same su file, then when you use the plugin to sync the su model to D5, your materials that haven’t been modified in su will still have the same materials and textures that you previously used in D5.

I am working with a concept architect on a project. The client is updating and remodeling the architecture in AutoCAD. I import it into SketchUp pro and then sink into D5 render. Every time I do this the whole imported model looses all its material assignments. This means I have to go back and retexture the whole building costing a lot of time. Shouldn’t the d5 file retain the color and material assignments from the updated sketchup file? or is it that I am doing something wrong in sketchup? Any help is much appreciated. My client is getting frustrated.

Have you edited your materials in SU? If your customer has modified the materials in CAD and replaced your original SU materials after importing them into your SU, then this is also regarded as a modification of the SU material.