Quadro P500


On May 20, Quadro Series was not supported.

I want to buy the pro version, but im not able to run in on my office machines.

Do you have on the pipeline an ETA for support to the Quadro P5000 GPU?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am afraid that we have no way to support the Quadro P- series since they don’t have a ray-tracing(RTX) function, which is highly relevant to our technique.

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Hey Oliver!

Tks for you prompt reply.

That’s strange because in the last drivers update they mentioned RTX and D5…


hat’s New in Version 440 U8

Added support for RTX-accelerated ray tracing and other features for the following RTX-powered creative applications:

**Unreal Engine 4.25
Includes production-ready support for RTX-accelerated real-time ray tracing. (Currently available as preview with final release in a few weeks.)

**OctaneRender 2020
Adds production-ready OptiX 7 support

**D5 Render
D5 Render is a brand new visualization app using real-time ray tracing. (Currently available in a free public beta, with the official release expected at the end of May.)

**Adobe’s suite of 3D material creation apps: Substance Designer and Substance Painter
In addition to Substance’s existing support for RTX acceleration for baking, the Curvature baker in Designer and Painter is being upgraded to now use ray tracing.

We are Mac users, using Win Apps (Revit and Lumion) via Shadow Tech, so, GPU upgrade not an option.

Do you have any info regarding Parallels + AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB?


I think those Quadro cards share a dirver, but only RTX series has that accelerating feature which supports D5. RTX core plays a key role in rendering process.

For now, I am sorry that we have no way to support the graphic cards you are using. But in future when the Ray-tracing tech in AMD is mature, we will develop a product based on Radeon.

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