Problem with windows 11

hello im not able to launch D5 on windows 11
im using RTX 3060
driver version 497.29

Hello ,
We have previously tested Win 11 systems using D5 with no problems at all.
Can you please describe how it fails to start? Is it that double-clicking on D5 does not respond?
Or does it exit after opening? Or does it flicker when you open the scene?

Another important piece of information is, what version of graphics card driver are you using? We found that older graphics card drivers may cause D5 to flicker.

Buenos Días, acabo de actualizar Win 11 y controladores tarjeta gráfica
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super y ha dejado de funcionarme D5 Render aun teniendo la Versión Pro de D5, solicito una solución inmediata al respecto por favor.

esta es la pantalla que me sale al reinstalar la última versión de D5 Render

Hello, could you show me a screenshot of your Windows system version?
Besides, we have a solution to the problem you met, please check the private message I sent you.