Problem with PRO account

Constantly I am getting this error:

I am a PRO user but the program doesn’t recognize me like that. You can see how before I could place trees because the problem didn’t happen. Since few hours ago, the problem persist, I tried restarting pc and program, but nothing is changing.
Thank you

Hi diegospower,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will help you narrow down the issue cause then solve the problem.

  1. After opening a file, please click Help->About D5 Render, make sure the version number is
  2. Try logging out and re-login
  3. If the problem remains, please turn off your antivirus software(Firewall), then reopen D5 Render and log in again to see the result.
  4. If you have turned on VPN or other proxy settings, please turn off them then see the result.
  5. Dimension 5 ( If you log in to this site, will it show your Pro status?

Best regards,

Hi, I followed the steps and none of them solved the problem. I also have the last update.
I have notice that today I cant access, it is showing up as my email is not valid (doesn’t make sense). So, I cant tell you if my profile appears with the PRO status.
In the other hand, when I open the d5 program, it appears my profile with the PRO status, once I open a file and I do some kind of operation wich requires the PRO status, the error shows up and ask me to log in, and I cant keep going.

I managed to enter in, and the status is showed as Pro user. Once inside the program, the error persist.

Hi diegospower, please check the private message for troubleshooting.