Problem with my GPU (Desktop) vs GPU (Laptop)

Ok so i’ll try and explain this as best I can. I recently built a Desktop Rig specifically to use D5 render (12th gen i7 123700k CPU, RTX 3070 Ti, 32.0 GB RAM). However, for some reason a 10 seconds 1080p clip which usually takes about 30 mins on my Laptop (10th Gen i7 10750H CPU, RTX 2070 super, 32.0 GB RAM), takes over an hour on my new desktop rig.

No settings were changed. it’s the exact same model/ clip. I even got rid of a lot of brushed trees and shrubs on the desktop, hoping it would improve performance but the output slower. Furthermore, the video quality is poorer on the 3070 ti. It isn’t as crisp and smooth as the laptop render.

Also, whenever I start rendering, the Desktop slows down significantly, which is not the case with the 2070 super (laptop). I have tried everything from overclocking to reinstalling graphic drivers.

  1. What can be the cause?
  2. How can I solve it?

This is a huge problem for me as I have been troubleshooting for about 2 weeks now to find a solution, but to no avail. HELP!

if ur desktop GPU driver is not the latest,try to upgrade to the latest version

It’s the latest

Hi mate, we tried your scene file in 2.3 and 2.4, with different GPU, and the performance is good, same as your laptop.
To confirm, please open your D5 Render on the computer with 3070ti. Is the Super Sampling option turned on?
Please make sure it is turned on, then re-render the video to see the result.