Problem in applying material

I am confuse I already apply the material but it’s not reflecting on the since, if i used the picker it say i already applied the material but the color is still green the wood floor is not reflecting on the model. same on the other material. please help me how to solve the problem.


Hi Brain

I tested for myself: (work with Sketchup)
1, green ground in sketchup synchronized in D5
2.) no problem to make shine .

Have you tried using material for example Wood from D5 Assets.
The error is still there
Do you have the latest drivers, already

If nothing brings a solution, then you must have the help of joker Oliver.
Because I have no more ideas.
Sorry, wasn’t much help.

thank you for your the suggestion, yes I have applied the material but I won’t appear, I will try to update the driver, maybe this is help.

The 「base color map」 and ambient lighting will also affect the final material.
And it looks like you don’t have the material on the floor selected.
And are you currently in high-definition?

Hello, I think something’s wrong with that model, you may need to reverse the faces in modeling software then import it to D5 again. Otherwise we need to check the model why the floor cannot apply materials.(Please make sure it is in high-quality preview mode)