Pro license not working despite purchase receipt

I have purchased an annual license. When I am logged in on the D5 website I am still prompted to upgrade to the premium license despite the receipt showing up in the billing tab. I get prompted when using D5 render too. This is severely hindering the completion of a project. Also, why is there no option to just download every asset? I am sick of waiting for the program to respond in s lagging way barely letting me click down load. I think this has all started happening since the last update.

Hi, matt, sorry for the inconvenience. When using D5 Render, were you prompted to upgrade or were your Pro account logged out? Can you take a screenshot?
Batch downloading will be supported in the future.

Hello matt, I saw your email and receipt, and your order has no problem.
Just please make sure you are using the same account(email address) which subscribe to D5 Pro.
I saw the order is from 2021.10.27, are you sure you are using the same account to log in?
Also, the site should be this address: D5 Render
And please check the version number, is it

If the problem remains, please let us know.