Polycarbonate material. how to?

How do you achieve a Polycarbonate look in D5? With the right texture, whitish “frostiness” and translucency?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no material the same as the polycarbonate you want. We may have this material in the future. Below is the link to the topic about how to make this semi-transparent effect, but it is in Chinese and I have translated the method for you.
做鸟瞰的图的时候,这么做半透明体块 - 互助小组 / 使用指南 - D5渲染器 (d5render.com)
Translation: As a workaround, you can try using the cloth material for the model, and then render twice, once to show the surrounding volumn, and once to not display the volumn and finally use the channel to synthesize them. In this way, the volume can be transparent without seeing the interior of the volume, which will be much cleaner.