Plugin revit

Hello, I try to install the revit plugin, but it shows an error, could you help me
Thank you

Hello, please try this one. - Google Drive

thanks for replying, i have a dell g3 i7 computer with nvidia gtx1060ti card, try with the file you sent, send photo

Hi, sorry for that, can you try this newer - Google Drive?

hello, i did the test but it doesn’t work either

Hello @yamil.achcar
This is the current final beta we have for Revit

In theory, it should work just fine, as in previous versions, there was an Nvidia related code that required Revit installation path. but now the exporter should be independent, meaning it’s okay if it didn’t find Revit installation path or there was missing information from Registry.

Please try it and let us know how it goes. Thanks :slight_smile:

hi, working thanks