Pathtracing Option

Is it possible to have path tracing as an additional option to the quality level? Smooth,Precise,“Pathtracing”

Right now the GI and contact shadows of D5 is behind Twinmotion Pathtracer


Heu… il faut surtout savoir s’en servir… Je ne suis pas sûr que D5 soit derrière… bien au contraire !

Thank you for your suggestions,

Now the path tracing is already under development and will be released in the later versions, we will provide more quality-level options for our users.


So, will pathtracing be present in the pro or normal version? I hope it’s available in the normal version

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Could you indicate if the pathtracing will be present in the next update ? Version 2.6


I’m a D5 user and I downloaded twinmotion to test. I can confirm that Path Tracer and Lumen really left the D5 behind in terms of quality. I hope the D5 team can catch up soon!

It’s true, d5 render is being left behind, becoming the ray tracing engine with the worst quality among current software (vantage, twinmotion, ue5 all produce better light quality) please don’t run into it, “The race to become more brilliant in a cartoon way like lumion”, path tracer is extremely important for realistic high end projects.