Painting grass

Having an issue painting grass. High quality grass is so important. Can anyone please share tips or tricks in doing so? It doesn’t seem to go well when I do so. It bogs down. Gets slow. And I’m not trying to do large areas. Just in front of camera. Been spoiled with Lumions real grass. I have a good computer with rtx 3090 ftw.


I think we all have similar problem. For some of the projects I use very high quality grass texture with height, reflection and ao maps.
If you want to have it in 3D geometry I would paint only area right in front of camera. It really depends on camera’s scenes. Usually I use two materials in sketchup (first for grass that is far away and the second one for close ups grass). Then it is easy to paint those areas with bucket tool. Also I do it as a last step due to performance issues.
Anyway it would be cool to have scattered grass as a layer to turn it off while working on file. For now you have to use eraser tool. You can of course use standard paint tool.

Furthermore it would be great to have similiar tools for grass as it is in lumion.
For now we have to do some workarounds.

Good luck!

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Hello, you mean painting grass makes D5 Render very laggy? Could you repro it in small scene files and give us a screenshot? If it is an abnormal scenario, we may need to collect logs or details to help you solve the issue.

Making grass with one click. This is in Lumion. There you can edit the grass in length, widt, colour and so on. For the distance a standard low poly grass.

Check this. This is very good.

D5 Team. I figured out how to paint grass with one click…make sure the paint bucket is blue. It is truly a beautiful sight. But the grass is recognizing the bottom surface. Planes are not always “zero”. So what would be the work around here?

D5 Team, i hope this helps. Attached is a rendering from D and L. In D i used the scatter tool and set the surface it was scattering on to transparent-with align to terrain. In L i was only able to turn it into real grass. A couple solid planes in D were not able to be picked.


Hello, :blush:
adjust Density parameter higher.
Btw, we will have grass material in 2.0 version.

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