Painted Plants keeps changing size/rotation

Painted plants keeps changing size and rotation after closing and reopening D5 file. I used the paint tool on all the plants here (except for vines). Didn’t do anything else to the plants, just closed and reopened the file but it keeps changing. Image 1 is the render before I close d5; then Image 2 after reopening it again.
Image 1:

Image 2:

Hi krschncrlo, yes I can repro this behavior. We are looking into this and will keep you updated here. Thanks for this feedback :+1:

By the way, after saving , closing and re-opening a couple of times, It got to a point where it went back to original plant size and rotations.

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Update: not sure if you already know this or if this is any help but I see pattern in changes. Every time I save then re-open, it is always changing like this in order: Image 1-> Image 2-> Image 3-> Image 1 again.

Hello, we have fixed the issue and will release the fix in 2.1. If it is urgent for you, please let me know, and I could send you a file to fix this.

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Not really urgent as I have a workaround regarding this issue, but would really appreciate if you could send the file.

ok, please check your private message

How do I make sure that it will stay on the plant size and rotation that I like? As posted earlier, I get 3 variation of size and rotation every time I save and re-open(image 1-3) Just want to make sure that it will stay on image 1 above and not on 2 or 3 when fixed. Anyway, thank you for this. really appreciate the quick fix.

Hello, I think you could back up the file first :thinking: Besides, you could cut screenshots for comparison, I think they will not change anymore after saving and reopening :laughing: