Online assets problem

both material and model aren’t opening or have big delay
urgent- pleas help

Hi, what program do you use to import it into D5, if what I think I can help youù


The problem also exists with I open a new file without import

Sorry, do one thing, update the graphics card

the problem is the connection on line. it wasnt exixst with the same card in version 2

If I understand correctly it is the line that is not fast with the new version D5.
A colleague of ours had the same problem, and Oliver, it seems to me, solved it by changing some settings on the PC. Only ‘Oliver’ can solve this for you, if you are in a hurry you have to do a search on the help messages, you will find the answer. I can tell you when I read it this help message seems to me, if my memory serves me right, about 2 weeks ago

See if this is the case Model Download Stuck at 100%


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Hi Oliver.
I sent the networkstates file to
Please your urgent help.

Hello sgi, I have received your log file and will look into it asap. Before that, could you tell me the details about the problem? Those assets are downloaded slowly, or stuck at 100%?

Thanks Oliver
Those assets are downloaded slowly
Or it takes a long time to see the preview window of the materials or models. See Attached

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Hi sgi, how are you? From the log we saw that the network is a little unstable, but after refreshing the router or changing a network, it should work. How’s it going now?