Objects disappearing while rendering animation

D5 Render Version: 1.81
Graphics Card: RTX 2080
Driver Version: 461.92
Issue Description:

Majority of objects vanishing during rendering animation.
Please help me as soon as possible. I already have very big delay because of your software bugs! I have lots of issues with your software during working on my commercial project.

I need to render the animations ASAP!

Screenshots/Videos Description:
Screenshot from rendered animation:

It should be like this.

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hello @jangstudio ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
To help us locate the problem, May I have the scene file? the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, asset, model, etc. Please compress and send it to hao.wang@d5techs.com

Thank you!

Hi I already sent it. Thank you.

Did you add keyframes to the missing model?

I didn’t add any keyframes to the models.
it’s weird but the problem appears only when adding animation to the queue. If I render one by one it works fine.

Hello @jangstudio ,

Firstly, very sorry for the inconvenience brought by the issue.

We’ve reproduced the issue, and found out the issue probably caused by the following steps:

  1. placed furniture in the scene
  2. added video clips
  3. added the clips to the Render Queue
  4. changed the position of the furniture
  5. added a new video clip
  6. added it to the Render Queue

However, Render Queue does not record the position of the object in the scene for now, which means, the final result in the entire Render Queue is consistent with the position of the object in the current scene. It is not recommended to use Render Queue in this case. Please try to render single clips one by one.

Hope it helps!

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