New Release in D5 Asset Library: 400+ Plant Combos, Xerophyte Plants, Interior Parallax Models, Characters

Along with D5 Render 2.5, we brought you 403 new assets in D5 Asset Library, including new Interior Parallax models, preset plant combos, xerophyte plants, trees and characters.

We’ve also optimized the search bar and material classification of D5 Asset Library, enabling better user experience.

Now, you can search or click relative keywords to quickly find and use these new assets.

1. New Xerophyte Plants

  • 39 new models in Nature > Xerophyte

There are dozens of new xerophyte plants including cactuses, aloe veras, and dragon fruits, which are particularly suitable for Mexican/Mediterranean/desert houses.

Search the tag #desert plant to quickly find them.

2. New Interior Parallax Models

  • 30 new models in Interior Parallax

These new Interior Parallax models can be used for many different scenes such as an entrance hall, a supermarket, or a store.

It requires no more than one click to decorate the interior of a building.

3. New Plant Combos

  • 42 new combos in Nature > Grouped Vegetation

  • 27 new models in Landscape > Outdoor Components

We’ve prepared many new plant combos including window boxes, bonsai landscapes, and flower combos. You can grab them for direct use, no more hassle of placing plants one by one.

Apart from the preset ones, you can also group any of the models in the library as you like and save them to local.

4. New Trees

  • 53 new models in Nature

Flame tree, zelkova, bald cypress, dawn redwood, American sycamore and more are added into the library.

5. New HDR Sky

  • 10 new built-in HDR

Find new HDR backgrounds of noon, sunset, and evening glow to quickly fill your scene with different atmospheres.

6. New Characters

  • 212 new models in Character

7. New Parameters for Car Paint Materials

Now, you can define how transparent/rough a car paint material should be.

8. Optimized Plants

We’ve optimized the shape, texture, and animated effect of 43 plants including red robin, Japanese maple, camellia, and sweet-scented osmanthus.

9. Optimized Animated Characters

We’ve optimized 13 animated characters, making them look more natural.

Optimized Asset Library | Filter, Search, Material Classification

To help you conveniently find and use the assets in D5 Asset Library, we’ve completed the following optimizations.

In addition to the existing “Dynamic” filter, we have introduced an “HD” filter to easily locate models with higher definition, which are often placed closer to the camera to enhance the overall realism of your renderings.

In the search bar, search history will be displayed for easy viewing of previous search records. Search suggestion is also supported, and you can click on the tags to directly jump to the corresponding search results.

The material classification directory has been adjusted with new classifications such as concrete, woven, SSS materials, etc.

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