New Release: 550+ New Assets Ready to Use (decals, water material, adjustable particles...)

Hi this is D5 Works! :partying_face:
We constantly update new assets to D5 Asset Library to help you with creating a nice scene in D5.

Are you guys using D5 2.2 now? Did you find anything new in the Asset Library? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There have been nearly 600 new items in 2.2, and let me show you what they are!

1. Character

  • Optimized thumbnails and names

We’ve made half-length photos for character thumbnails, and improved how each character is displayed in the image. All the dynamic characters now have their own names, and you can search the name for all models of that character.

  • Optimized facial expression and actions

We’ve optimized how the characters look and behave to make them more natural. You can see a more lively look on the character’s face now. Actions including cycling, swimming, and holding an umbrella are added.

2. Decals

  • New category “Decals” with 150+ models including road signs, wall stains, etc.

3. Vehicles

  • “Vehicle - other” includes 10 new models (bicycles)

  • New options: dynamic, left-hand drive

Two options for cars have been added:

Dynamic: controls whether the vehicle is static or dynamic in the scene

Left-hand drive: controls whether the driver 's seat is on the left side or the right side in the car, so that you can adjust it according to different cases.

4. Landscape

  • “Landscapes - Landscape Furnishings” provides more than 30 snow-covered models to use in snowy scenes

5. Materials

  • New category “Roof” with 30+ metal wall materials added to “Wall and Roof”

  • 120+ new materials in “Wall and Roof - Wall Tiles”

  • 30+ new terrazzo materials in “Stone - Terrazzo”

  • New category “Water” with 10+ water materials added to “Outdoor”

You need to model the part below the water surface, or you can’t tell the difference of color even after adjustment.

  1. Particles
  • Adjustable parameters

We’ ve rearranged the categories and now the particles are adjustable.

Listed above are what D5 Works prepared for you in this update. Check them out in D5 Render 2.2 and let us know what you think!

btw Landscape Special update is around the corner, so stay tuned!

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that’s why we love D5 render, always active and innovative.
Thanks to the team

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