New Release:300 High-Quality Materials are ready in D5 Render

D5 Assets Library Updates|Materials|Interior

In this update for Interior Materials - Part I, D5 Render brings in 300 superb Interior Materials, including plastic, marble, metal, leather, tiles, wood, woodfloor and more.

We currently have a total of 732 materials. Feel free to browse through our built-in asset library.

The new material types are:
9 in Plastics, 40 in Marble, 12 in Wallpaper, 60 in Wall tiles and Floor tiles, 18 in Paints, 26 in Indoor and Outdoor Floors, 43 in Leather, 19 in Wood, 39 in Metals and 36 kinds of materials
made specially (distributed in different category).

This update brings a new texture header image, which can show the texture and color of the material in more detail.

Next time: For Interior Materials - Part II, we will add more than 700 brand-new materials, catering to all your professional needs.

If you have other requirements about Materials, please share your opinions and requests here:


And exterior materials such as concrete, plaster, stone walls …

Hi team - sorry if I’m missing something here? Where do I find the new release with the added materials? Or is the release still in work in progress?

Thank you!

Is it possible to get an overview (.*PDF etc.) of the current models/materials library you offer in D5Render, without have to have scrolling trough the library? Maybe more like an Offline Catalog you can find on your Website or something like that.

Thx :wink:


Hi team - I realize that the new materials where automatically updated in D5 online. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is a great idea! On top of that, I would add an animated preview of the asset.