New Release: 150+ new in 2.2.1 | Architectural materials, Basic Shape Models, etc

In version 2.2.1, D5 Works has prepared more textures used in architecture, basic shape models and many more for you. Check them out:

1. Materials

110+ architectural materials

Wall and Roof - Wall paint: new concrete, travertine materials, terracotta panels…

Wall and Roof - Wall tiles: new rammed earth wall, imitation stone aluminum sheet…

Stone - Marble: new liquid marble materials

Glass - Textured glass: new glass blocks

Metal - Others: new perforated aluminum sheet, metal stretching mesh…

Metal - Polished metal: new water ripple stainless steel

Metal - Matt metal: new porous aluminum sheet

2. Characters

Character - Costumed: new Arabian models

3. Others

Other - Basic Model: new basic shape models including plane, arc, cone, cube, dome and more.


Wow! this is great! Thank you D5 team.

And an integration with Architextures?