New graphic card

Im thinking of buying new graphic card. Seems like they are finally comeing to stock in my country.

My wrokstation si AMD Ryzen 2700, 32GB RAM, RTX 2060 6GB…

Most of the projects are houses, interiors, almost no masterplans, or videos.
What would you suggest:

  1. wait fort RTX 40…
  2. RTX 3060, 3060ti
    3.RTX 3070
    4.RTX 3080

Im not thinking of 3090 because the power supply, heat, cooling, noise…and budged

thanks for advice, opinion

Hi Toman:

From the ones on the list I would pick the RTX 3080. Close to RTX 3090 in performance but half the price (less than half the memory too).
It really depends how often you will use the card. If you work professionally as visualiser and plan to do lots of high res visuals, 360 panos, videos, then no option but to sell one of your kidneys :joy: (kidding) and get the RTX3090.
There are other real-time programs like Chaos Vantage that need lots of graphics memory to render high resolution panoramas and to handle big scenes. So if you think you may use Vantage in the near future or want to keep your options open, then again RTX 3090. For everything else the RTX 3080 seems the better option.

Thanks mate for advice. Im not PRO visualiser /as you can see on my pictures/. I dont need higher speed then RTX 2060 /most of mi pics are up to 2K and a usually do 3-5 pics from projekt, so it really doesnt matter If I render 2min or 1 min per image/ my only thoughts are the RAM limit of RTX 2060…6GB seems to mé Like not enough for house with 20 trees around and grass on the ground… I Will try to find RTX 3080 on stock in my country… Thanks again

Btw is the re a proper way to know how big is current projekt in RAM of GPU in D5? As far as I remember there is a log in Vray which describes it… But I dont know about aolution for D5

I think there may be some free apps that can tell how much graphics memory is used by what program in real-time. Don’t know their names though. Or, if you are using windows: Task Manager / Performance/ GPU. :smiley

For now : 6GB graphic card hardly handle small housing exterior rendering with lot of grass etc and only ArchiCAD model as imported stuff.
8GB 3060 TI goes very well.
12GB 3060 MSI - brand new. only 192 bit for memory bus but - D5 render different colors in the same settings!!
Same project, the same settings,

  1. Gigabyte 1070 ti 6GB
  2. 3070 TI 8GB (disassembled from Acer Gaming station - the only way to buy this card is to buy whole PC)
  3. MSI 3060 12GB

All cards have different color results. Does someone have an idea why this is happening?
The fastest is 3070 in rendering but at work 12GB crash less.
DRIVER: 461.40-desktop-win10-64bit-international-nsd-dch-whql

Hi PSC, could you share 3 screenshots with us (to compare), and it would help a lot to investigate the problem.


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Hi there, I will check server stuff if we still keep them. No time for crying we did 10+ project after that so I’have stoped investigating this problem. But still it remain.
I will prepare some scene and render it on each card.

Now we have another issue - very unstable scene for exterior renderings and 3D cut plans like in attatchements. Folder with scene is heavy bit less then 12GB so it is not working on 8GB graphic card…is this like 1 to 1 load for Graphic cards?
Bathroom are those pics from the project we experience problems.

![210421_Przekrój 3D_Piętro1|539x500](upload://oz1J



Sorry for the inconvenience, I noticed these two bathroom images are in different resolutions, if we control variables then do the test, what’s the result? I mean don’t modify any parameter.
With regard to the question"is this like 1 to 1 load for Graphic cards?", I think the answer is no. Normally 8GB card can open a file of more than 8GB since even when GPU is not enough, CPU can be called. (And a 12 GB file doesn’t mean it will occupy 12 GB VRAM)
In 1.9.0 we optimized the unstable result and hope it can help.

Best regards,

Yes, you are right,
I will do the test soon and post results here:)

Ok, I have also ordered more RAM to be sure nothing is influencing working on this project.
This was just what I noticed - I’m not a programmer or professional tester, so thank you very much for your interest.

Also looking forward to the new 1.9!