Multiple GPU's possible?

Hi Team - can I use my 1080 Ti and RTX 3080 to enhance performance speed. Two different architecture cards. I’m aware that there where some plans to add this is future release back in May 2020.

Thank you.

Hi, we plan to support SLI in version 1.9. But multiple gpu usage with different models is not under consideration yet.

Hi Team - thank you. Great I have two slots in my motherboard with one 3080 - now just need to get another 3080 then :wink:

JUST TO CONFIRM - if I have two identical GPU’s same manufacture/ spec. Will D5 use 2 x 100% GPU power when 1.9.0 is relaesed.

Is SLI still supported by Nvidia? I thought this function is over with GTX Line…

Good question Tomankubik. Do you think that it is not support with RTX anymore?

No sure but seems like Nvidia stopped supporting SLI as far as I understand

3080 has no SLI bridge, 3090 has SLI bridge. But hard to configure on motherboard (size of card etc). Curious about the upcoming 3080ti.

Hi D5 Team - just a follow up. Will you be able to select Multiple GPU’s to utilize with D5. Think you mention that in the next build you will be able to support.

Without using SLI bridge but similar to Vray . With my Vray I can add multiple GPU’s to help rendering.Thank you.

Hi Team.
Does it mean taht version 1.9 will suport multugpu rendering using two or four GPU in SLI on board? Will it support NVIDIA® 4-Way SLI™?
Thank You.

Hi bkulina.

In version 1.9. the rendering engine is comprehensively upgraded, and the efficiency will boost as well. But the multi-GPU tech is still under development, and thanks for your patience.


Thank Yoy very much for answer.I have obne more question. Is it reasonable to buy rtx quadro 4000 / 5000 instead rtx 3080 to use D5render. Will it make some inprovement in calculating prepared scenes ore speed in calculating rendering or rotateing scenes?
In advance thanks for help.

Hi bkulina, I think RTX3080 should be the better one since it has great performance on RTX acceleration, so there is no need to replace 3080 with Quadro5000. But if you have been using Quadro4000/5000, normally it has enough display RAM to function well.


Thank You for answer.
Im going to test it but I have to find someone with quadro to borrowe it to mee for few days.
Best regards.

I have one more question.Do you habe maybe some comparences for of quadro card to consument rtx cards?Does D5 suit better in some way to rtx consument cards better than to quadro rtx? Sorry for may inquisitiveness but Im going to buy two cards espaecjally to develope renderings with D5. :slight_smile:
Best regards.

Hi, it’s a good question hh. I talked with the product team and my colleague told me there’s no obvious difference in performance in D5 between GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX ( for identical levels)
But normally Quadro is much more expensive, so we recommend Geforce RTX relatively. Also, if you really want to buy Quadro series, choose a high-end card like Quadro rtx 8000/6000/5000.


OK, I understand. Saying “for identical levels” do You have in mind the same amount of cuda cores or ram capacity in graphic card?

Thats what i’m trying to understand / compare.
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Hi Bartek,
Personally speaking, I compare two graphic cards from a comprehensive perspective, not just by some certain properties. For example, Quadro cards have a lot more memory than GeForce cards, but we probably don’t need the 48GB of memory offered by the Quadro RTX 8000.
For me, RTX 2080, 8g is good enough to handle most of my work.
“for identical levels” means RTX3080 vs Quadro 8000, RTX2080Ti vs Quadro6000, and so on…


Thank You very very much for your wide explanation. :slight_smile:
It helps mi a lot to make decision.

Best regards.