Moving model

Hello there. i am new here. i am interesting how to create model movable? i have my owne Tram model and want to make it animated and movable. is it possible and if yes, how can i do?

is there anyone who can answer? :roll_eyes:

You might find the solution by googling.
A complex theme.

I tried thousand way in google but nothing is here. Why i need google when i asking on forum -_-

D5 Videos.


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Interesting. I have free demo version, maybe is this reason why this method dont works with me?

Get the pro version very inexpensive for its capabilities, not to mention all the assets available.
Animation is very easily achieved.

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GELBUILDING also i have one question too. I tried to use video/gif as a texture but it dont let me. Is it possible to use video as texture in pro version?

MP4 :partying_face:

:dizzy:use video format

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I try but it dont import video (mp4 ) format. Size is just 1 mb of video. How solve this problem?

When you start D5 look on the bottom left-hand corner and there is a user manual. Look to see your limits, not sure what you can do with the free program.

I read it but therenis no explain how to import. It says only that i can use video as texture :grin:

Hi George

Is that your vehicle (tram) that you want to animate. (Gallery Cyberpunk)

Sorry, I understood your question differently above. I thought you were looking for an animation program to use in the D5 to animate the models and not as a keyframe animation.

In the other topic I have described exactly how it works.
“How to animate the video texture”

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Dadi thank you very much for answer, as i said i am new here.

  1. yes, tram is my owne model and i want to use it like the car asset in D5 (for example) but is it possible to give it direction of moving? i mean as asset car can be move on specific direction.
  2. i did not find anything like “Template Video”. maybe it dont works for free version?
    here is screen what i want to do ( sorry for disturbing)