More realistic plants?

Will the D5 team be introducing more realistic plants and then phasing out the artificial appearing ones? Some look intentionally artificial like this one. It looks like a plastic plant:

While no plants seem to have translucent leaves, which is a hallmark of realism. I have seen this plant below used in many different renderings on youtube. It’s a great plant but makes a scene look instantly fake because the leaves are not translucent even when the sun is behind it:

***I know I already made a similar post about trees and plants but I didn’t want the potted variety to be forgotten.


Thanks for your feedback, we are improving the quality of base material for foliage, please stay tuned.


Thank you. I wanted to underscore that non translucent plants make a rendering look unrealistic.

This is very flat and plastic:

But if they were all like this, renderings would appear much more realistic: