More human characters

Hi team, can you please add more variations in human characters (refer to AXYZ Anima please), with different actions/ activities. Eagerly waiting for new updates and features. Great work team.Thanks.

Hi Sohail,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will soon roll out a much bigger assets library, and now we are collect suggestions from clients. I remember you give us many suggestions on assets before, like still leaves, furniture, interior decorative items.

Could you share with us some details about those assets you need? We want to know what you want to insert after opening a scene in D5 Render, not what we often do in 3d modeling software. And also, we want to know in what cases or what kind of work, those models are needed.

Besides, for every request you posted, it would be good if you could share with us some images. We will take them as references, for still models, we will get the job done soon.


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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for asking. I am mainly looking for heaps of furniture models(interior and exterior), decorative items for interior (for interior designing), and also kitchen items like, utensils, spices jars, sauce bottles, coffee machine, etc (everything basic which every kitchen has). Please check out Lumion (they have lots of 3d models within the software).

D5 is a great rendering tool, but still lacks 3ds models (including humans, animals, street objects, etc). Also please make sure you introduce more materials (especially fabrics, seamless steel roof).

There are many more things I would like you to introduce but not now (you can watch Twinmotion 2020 features on youtube).

Hope your team brings some exciting updates in the new release. Good luck