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Hello… I am really enjoying the experience of the D5 renders. I was just wondering why dont we have enough characters for the swimming pool. like swimming charachters which can be dynamic also we dont have any male models with swimming shorts or so which makes it hard for the render to come alive. please if you consider that into the models it would be amazing

Hello, thank you for your ideas. D5 Works team will record your requests and take them into consideration :+1:

Thanks for the fast reply. So much appreciated and looking forward for the amazing new experience.

Best Regards.

Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <>, 15 Şub 2022 Sal, 05:14 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

It is amazing .

Hello everybody. I am new to the forum but I fell in love with D5 and I would like to do something for the forum as well. In fact, I created some new static characters for the pool, and I also created some materials, including one of the many stone flooring. I hope you like them.

Hey @juliuscab,

Was looking for some pool entourage for a render and came across this thread - may I ask about the static characters and how you made them?

Thanks much,