Model and environment shining during 3ds workflow import

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I used 3ds Max converter and imported the .d5a file in the D5 render. However, both the model itself and other models/entire environment became shining weirdly (as shown in the picture).

I tried on the other 2 computers and this problem still exists, so it is not a computer problem. I also imported the .skp file directly into D5 render and there was no shining, but when I imported the .fbx file, this problem showed up again. The position of the model is (0,0,0) and there are no other parts that are far away from the main part.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.


Hi, just adding on to say we have also encountered this issue with models coming out of Revit (multiple years) with no clear explanation for why. Same as you, we’ve tried placing them at 0,0,0. Sometimes the issue has only come up when multiple imported models are visible at the same time.

Hi mate,

We also found the bug days ago, especially happened in Max and Revit. We have repaired skp recently, that’s why it can work in skp file. Now we speed up fixing this problem. sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you send the models and fbx file to us for troubleshooting? It can better help us to find the problem.

Hi friend, did you use the converter to sync it or import the model to D5?

Can you also send the Revit files and D5 files to us for troubleshooting?

Hi @gadgets @sakichengz , can you please send the building model file which caused the problem to us (, and it will help us a lot, thanks in advance!
Recently we are trying to reproduce this issue and fix it as soon as possible, but we do not have a model file which can reproduce this issue.
Please note that we need the model file for testing, not the D5 scene file, thanks!

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на больших сценах 5D render выдаёт такой же результат! При визуализации картинка такая же получается.

Hi mate, if your problem is not fixed, can you describe it more in detail or send the files to us for troubleshooting?

Good afternoon. On large scenes, 5D render gives the same result! When visualizing, the picture is the same.

in version 23, everything worked

link to revit files

Thank you so much for your time. However, the file is too big to be shared.

But here is the link where I downloaded the model: Hydrospex SBL 1100 Super Boom Gantry Jack - Working Condition | 3D Warehouse I imputed it in the 3ds max and then converted it to D5 render. Hope it helps.

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