Minimum Requirements for D5 Render | Auto-detection

D5 Render adopts real-time raytracing technology, which has minimum requirements for graphics cards and Windows versions.

Please upgrade to GTX 1060 6GB or more powerful options. RTX series is recommended

D5 Render’s real-time raytracing technology is built on DXR of Windows systems, and the current graphics cards that support DXR can be checked on

RTX & GTX supported GPUs (

Recommended configuration:

  • NVIDIA RTX series graphics cards, which offer the following advantages

    • RT Core dedicated raytracing hardware for realistic shadows, reflections, refractions and global illumination.
    • DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) AI rendering technology, which is able to get smoother real-time experience and accelerated rendering speed (double the rendering efficiency) when using D5 Render.

Please upgrade the graphics card driver to the latest version

Graphics driver updates usually fix certain bugs, or optimize certain algorithms for the hardware.

D5 team works with the NVIDIA technical team to maximize the potential of RTX. Timely driver updates to ensure maximum performance can prevent D5 Render from crashing due to low driver versions.

  • It is recommended to use the official NVIDIA software GeForce Experience to update the driver. Download link

  • Or you can download and install the driver by manually selecting the appropriate graphics card from NVIDIA’s official website. Official GeForce Drivers | NVIDIA

Please upgrade your system to Windows 10 v1809 or higher

D5 Render’s real-time raytracing technology is built on DXR of Windows systems, and Windows systems have supported DX12 since Windows 10 v1809.

  • For system upgrade you can refer to Download Windows 10

    • If it’s already Windows 10, you can click “Update Now”.

    • If it’s not Windows 10 system, upgrading to Windows 10 is recommended.

Last but not least, technology is constantly evolving, and outdated system architectures cannot meet the requirements of the latest technology. As developers we naturally don’t want to turn users away, but hardware thresholds are necessary for the user experience and the final performance of the work. Thank you for your understanding.