Metal facades

Hi there,

I miss metal facades!
For example aluminum shaft, trapezoidal sheets especially for industrial buildings.


Thanks, I share them with D5 works team.

Hello A Drexler, could you show me a photo or screenshot of what kind of facades you want?
We are preparing to add them, but we want to confirm the request with you.
Now we have some metal panel, are they what you want?

Hello Oliver,

the added textures for metal facades are already good.
Many thanks for that.
Of course I don’t know if this will apply to others, but I can cope with it.
However, I still miss one or two textures for aluminium waves.
If you could bring them, that would be great.


Hello, you mean something like this?

Good morning,
no…I mean something like this:

But your example would also be good as another texture.

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