Maxtree plant assets in FBX format

Hey there folks,
I have a number of Maxtree plant models in FBX format that I want to import into D5.
The texture files that come with the models don’t match up with what is available in the material inspector. Here I have options for normal, specular, roughness, metallic, ao and emissive.
The texture files I have associated with the model are albedo, normal, specular and opacity.
Where do I link the albedo and opacity?
Thank you for your help as i am a newbie to D5 :slightly_smiling_face:

Albedo → Base Color Map
Opacity → Leaf material? → you have two solutions:
1: Material Template → Custom Alpha → Opacity Map
2: Material Template → Foliage → Opacity Map (this solution is best for the leaves)


Success! Thank you so much, your help is very much appreciated :smiley:

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