Material that is both emissive and transparent?

Hi I am trying to model some outdoor string lights. Is there a way to make the bulbs both transparent, so that the point light inside illuminates the scene and emissive, to give the bulb some glow. It seems I can only do one or the other, but I am very new to D5. Thanks for any help.

Hi Kurtm83
In this case, just go and get the material inside the light bulb and give it brightness and the casing remains transparent glass.
It is difficult to do it from D5, to move more easily you have to do it with the graphics program you are using which is synchronized you get there first.
I hope I have helped you

Like these bulbs, the casing is glass with tungsten filaments inside that lights up. And right there you have to give him luminous material, you can give it whenever you want, here on the image that I put and 250

This is a D5 object already set

But I saw that you are not D5 pro, I think you can not download it.
But you can find it on SketchUp sites, you upload it to D5 program as object :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all that. I’d like to use the custom one I’ve created in Rhino. Maybe I’m not understanding, but I created an interior sphere with an emissive mat inside of the glass outer sphere, but when I sync to D5 it shows up as only the transparent outer sphere

ok i got the inner sphere to show up in D5. Not sure if it was changing the material to a random plaster or unlinking and relinking D5, which seems to help solve things when it’s not behaving, but now i can’t figure out how to select the inner sphere

It doesn’t work, on any program that uses sphere and inside a high sphere, you don’t get the effect you want
By logic you know how a light bulb works, I’ll post it to you, that way you will have the desired effect.
Tip, you know you can import SKP objects.
Just find a suitable Edison bulb import it into rhino and replace with the ones you made, so you speed up the work.

For me the sphere is too big and you have to give it a different material than the glass envelope, I’ll give you an example of a lamp:

So, internally I call it X and give it a white material, while I call it Y for the glass envelope, so far it should be fine. But pay attention that Y must be transparent with little reflection and specular

I’m getting closer. I created a filament inside the bulb and made that an emissive mat in rhino and turned the intesity up to :100: It glows when up close, but as soon as I step back the glow is not there. Also, still unable to select the filament mat inside the bulb from D5. Thinking of putting that mat on a seperate layer to maybe help find it better in D5, but that’s allot of steps and I feel like there’s an easier way or something I’m missing / doing wrong.

You’re almost there, the glow you need to set the Bloom to the effects
ut to be quick, you can do as I told you, I’ll give you another site, perhaps you can upload that one and take the light bulb and put it in place of yours

This site gives them to you in 3dsMax 2014 + obj format
and I think you can upload it to Rino

thanks for the links, i will revert to that if i can’t make my current situation work, but i would really like to figure out how to do it from scratch. you say selecting that filament material is difficult to do from D5. could you tell me how to do it? i can select the glass bulb and the black plastic connector, as seperate materials to modify in D5, but can’t figure out how to select the filament mat in D5.

i even put them on separate layers in rhino thinking that would help me find it, but no luck

So i was able to adjust the filament material in D5 by removing one of the bulbs, then syncing with D5 so that I can select and adjust that material. I turned the intensity up 2 :100: and it looks great up close (added bonus that the filament kinda looks like a neon bitcoin sign), but again, as soon as I step back, the glow is gone and the bulbs look kinda dead.

the bulb is fine like this, the problem is having the glow effect from afar, if you try to give more to the material, try with 1000 or 2000 and the bloom from 3 you pass it by 6 that is double, see how it goes.
I know you’re new, but you have to persist until you get your render that suits you.
So you have to do a lot of tests, there is also the issue of the hdri you used, if I’m not mistaken, or it’s a background with the sky, it has to darken a bit to give way to enhance the light from the bulbs, if you can’t, put artificial light D5 the spherical one with the right brightness setting on 20 and size 1 or 2.5 m
I hope you understand what I mean as of now, here in Italy it’s 22:36pm

i think i found a good quick solution for what i was aiming at. i made the glass bulb an emissive material and then selected all of the point lights and dragged them down just a hair. the didn’t even have to exit the sphere

so it gives light, but you lose the characteristic of the bulb you had before, so I suggest you some D5 light spheres and you adjust it as I indicated above

orry I read the message late, are you satisfied, I would give birth to a little warmth giving the color 35 -20 -80

thanks for all your help. get some rest