Marena's Beach House

Theme: Marena’s Beach House

Artist: Gustavo Colin

Graphics Card: Nvida RTX 2080TI

**Workflow:**Sketchup+Zbrush+D5 Render+Photoshop

Brief description of post-processing: Quick Photoshop Camera raw filter preset (Hue,Saturation and Luminance Adjusment)

Whether the model is original: it was fully modeled by me except by the human scales, also some of the vegetation are from the ones included by D5 render.

Model source: The building and terrain were modeled by me, the other mentioned assets were adjusted from the ones uploaded from the open “3dwarehouse”.

Description of the work:
Night and day Geolocated 6K Rrends from a just finished project we designed in Hermoisllo,Sonora, Mexico for the KINO bay, the construction will start soon!!!

Full resolution external link, render on 6k


look at that sea pal, awesome !!!

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