Login problem


My all purchased users license auto sign out mid night during the rendering, my whole rendering waste.

user id deepak.singh@sparrowi.com,purchse@sparrowi.com,ankit.nautiyal@sparrowi.com etc.

please give the solution ASAP.

Hi mate, Is your internet still connected at midnight? Because D5 still needs to connect to the internet during the rendering.

bizarre situation, I shut the software down and after getting confirmation from the client started the machine and let the software run and as I had everything set the day before, I just clicked the render. After an hour you guess what the result was right?


The software got logged out(probably the internet or VPN or something else went down) leading to this disastrous result.

a 30-second video that cost me an hour of waiting gone completely wrong.

anyway, enough complaining. I look forward to the D5 team managing this issue, the internet might go down every time, and it shouldn’t log out of the account(if logging out will lead to this disaster). Or at least the client interface should have a big red circle showing that you have been logged out for the user to avoid this kind of situation