Lights doesnt give light to between narrow sticks

Is there a way to light up between wooden sticks? In reality, when you put a strip or rectangle light here, it will light up between the bars, but not in the D5 render?

Does it work in the final render? It happens that the preview doesn’t show all (light) effects, so I would suggest a test-render.

No it doesn’t even work in Final render. Why should i write here if it works in render :slight_smile:

Because you are showing the preview window, it’s not a strange thing to verify.

Hi there, it’s hard to sample the shading relationship of this area light with real-time preview, and it’s better to render it out. Here are the results of our tests.

Hello again, i am here to explain once more. I have uploaded screenshot and render together. You can see that even if it is 150 intensity which is around 1800 lumen, it must be very bright from top to floor. but it is still dark between the sticks.
if you check carefully, you will see only middle stick is bright from top to bottom.
There is a problem here, it is not matching with reality.

Is your light facing upward or downward?