Light reflection

Hi. Does anyone here know why the reflected light is incorrect in the render?

Light Settings:

When rendered:

Thanks for the help![en.composer.color_ui_default_text]

what kind of material is this bulb? Try to use emissive color instead of a light inside.

the thing is, emissive doesn’t give me the light i want, which is with gradient like this:

The thing is, in the photo attached, I encountered the same problem but my solution was to clone it on the reflection so it’s the same, using photoshop. but it would be great if I know why these weird reflection is happening.

Material of the bulb:

Hello, you can turn off this option for the light object then check the result.

For further troubleshooting, we may need you to send this scene file to our support center (, since we need to check the mirror material, as well as the position of the lights to figure out why this issue happens.


The light object was already invisible in reflection. It would be great if we can know why these problems are happening.

By the way, what file/s do you need exactly? Shall I just zip the whole D5 File of this specific project? Thanks Oliver!

It’s better to zip the whole project folder.

same problem of reflections.
In my case the lamp has a foliage material and an omni light inside

Hi cythsylean,

You are welcome, please zip the whole file folder of this specific project to We may need to look into the scene to check the light position, and the materials you use, like the screenshot from paperless, the problem can be caused by different reasons.