Library 2.0 Missing Elements

Hi there! the 2.0 library is simple great. However I have a couple ideas to improve it.

  1. Separate elements / objects instead a set of assets decoration. In the accessories category, there are a bunch of objects forming “sets” but sometimes we need a single objects. In the bathroom section same problem. different sets of objects but there aren’t these objects individually.

  2. Speaking os bathroom. We need much more elements like sinks, furniture, faucet, bathub, shower elements, wash basin, etc…

  3. Same problem with the kitchen furniture. there are lots of bottles or food but there isn’t a single microwaves, sink, furniture, faucet or tableware.

  4. TV’s and more electrical applicances. Yes, a lot of Apple products, but cero TV’s, fireplaces, audio tech or similar.

I know, that will come in next months but I think that I have to write down.

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Got it, TV will come soon, and other single objects will be added in the future. Thanks very much for your ideas!

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In addition on the interior elements i think there are much exterior elements needed (see quixel library) road elements, curbs,… It would be very good to provide modular elements OR integrate quixel megascans :stuck_out_tongue: .

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