Layer Overlap Error When Merging Files

When merging project data. I got the following error:

  • The layer not circled in red is project layer A
  • The layer circled in red is project B

When merging projects, the layers of the two projects overlap and are displayed in one project.

And to make it easier to understand, I have 1 model OthBD1, that model is in the 2 layers above, layer 4 of project A and layer 4 of project B. Even though there is only 1 model OthBD01 in the file, it is in in 2 layers. When I delete one of the two layers of any two projects, that model will also be deleted.

I have never encountered an error like this before.

Hello. Which version of D5 are you using and which version of D5 was used to create the two files that were merged?

Could you send the file of project A and project B and the merged file to me?

Both projects use the same version of D5 Render 2.6.1

Sorry, but for security reasons, I cannot send the company’s project to you, but I can provide the necessary information or images to help you visualize the problem.

This is a capture image of version d5 of the two projects, is it the same version? @LunaLang

Do you know what this error is caused by?

It’s the same version. Is it only when merging these two files that there is a problem so far? Is there no problem merging the other files? If it’s not convenient to send us the files, would you be willing to accept remote assistance?

No, I’ve had this happen a few times before, I don’t understand whether this is D5’s fault or our fault in the project setup process. @LunaLang
Remote support? That’s pretty good, but may I ask how? Do we use UltraView?

Yeah, UltraView would be OK.

We can provide remote support from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm on weekdays HKT. Contact me when you are free during this time period.
Please note that we will be on a public holiday on this Thursday and Friday.

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Sorry for the late reply
That period of time is ok, but currently with a rather tight project schedule, I cannot receive remote support from D5 because I am busy handling the project.
Thank you for everyone’s enthusiasm. I wonder if I can ask for your support next week? @LunaLang

Of course. Feel free to contact me when you have time. :heart_hands:

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