Labtop with rtx3050


I’ve a labtop with a small graphic card,a rtx 3050 and i have 64Giga of Ram on the labtop.
I make an animation and when i active wind ,ihave a message error about my graphic card is not to much good.So i desactivate the wind option.
My question is :which option(for example the wind) or texture ,light or other is too much complicated,heavy to work good in D5render with a small graphic card?

I hope i m too much clear in my question.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi my friend,

I think your Graphics card is not enough for the software requirements, although you can run the software you will be limited to really small scenes, so my suggestion will be as follow:

 1. Try to illuminate your scene with the least amount of artificial lights possible (stick to natural GI light, and only 1 skybox in your previews) since the more you have the more ram+VRAM you will need to store those. 
 2. Try to keep an eye on the amount of polygons in your scene, since this will affect performance
 3. Try to use textures below 2K since your GPU does not have enough VRAM so it will be faced with errors while trying to export stills or animations 
 4. I understand not everybody can afford a good computer/laptop but you should save to upgrade your machine, I'll recommend you go for a desktop since they are more customisable  and you can improved overtime, also desktop GPUs are way more powerful than the same version for laptops.
 5. Avoid the use of rain, snow and any other particles (smoke, fire, cascades, etc.)since this are very heavy for your GPU.


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Thanks for your feeback:)

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Hi mate, I think Julio’s advices are very useful, and I would add one more point: notice the amount/area of dynamic plants and grass material.

Okey!Thank you:)

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